Aitech Mechatronics (S) Pte Ltd

For 25 years and running, our services have contributed high quality, cost-effective, dependable products and technical assistance to the manufacturing industries, resulting in complete client satisfaction. Joining forces with our suppliers has enabled us to utilize and integrated their latest component technology. This collaboration has in turn boosted our products tremendously and fulfilled the industry’s requirements.

Over the years, we have established a close working relationship with our vital customers. Mutually, we strongly believed this camaraderie is crucial to maintain a prompt service response, reliable delivery, and being a stop service provider.

In response to our customers’ dedication and loyalty, we have since expanded our services to encompass machining, sub-module assemblies, fabrication contracts, industrial facility upgrade projects, and manpower support for technical and subcontract works.

Take great pride in adhering strictly to our Company Mission – “To be a leading provider of Automation Equipment, Logistics Automation and Robotic automation system.’’

Laying a strong foundation for what we value the most is critical as it provides our team with a goal to comprehend, strive for, and live by. Following our Company Values – “We take challenge, create innovative culture, continuous improvement, acquiring new knowledge in technology, be responsible, honesty, trust, develop and maintain long term friendship with our customers.”

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