Focus Projects



We are dedicated to expanding our member population and fostering connections. With 3 types of membership (Corporate, Professional, and Associate), we constantly work towards growing our membership base through marketing as well as organising meaningful programmes and activities for members, to create more diversity, opportunities for collaboration, learning, and networking. We aim expand our membership to include end users, ecosystem partners (financial institutes, trade offices, agencies and more) and training champions in the industry to form the ecosystem as it takes an entire industry for automation to thrive. 


Consultancy & Training

We empower our members with our consultancy and training services tailored to meet their needs and elevate their skills and expertise. We provide consultancy service to companies to look at how they can automate and optimise their business operations. We impart knowledge and help companies be aware of the key considerations to embark on an automation project such as interoperability, scalability, standards, performance, integration costs and informing them what is available in the market. 

We want to provide the industry with training courses to upskill their team to meet the demand of the business and projects delivery. Leveraging on our partners' expertise in the training space, we will work with them to curate curriculum and infuse it with industry elements.



We aim to harness the power of automation to drive efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across industries to create a robust ecosystem. One of our partners National Robotics Programme (NRP) leads the RoboCluster project, a collaboration platform that drives robotics innovation, co-development and adoption – which has started off with a focus on Facilities Management, before moving into supporting the Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Logistics sectors. 

Join our dynamic community in exploring cutting-edge technologies, sharing best practices, and paving the way for a future where automation revolutionizes the way we work and live.


Signature Event

Introducing our inaugural edition of our signature event Automation SolutionGO! The association is building the flagship event as a market platform for our existing member and opportunity to meet new members. This exhibition is poised to emerge as the premier showcase with a focus on matching solution providers with end users, spotlighting Semiconductor & Electronics, Industrial Facilities & Building, Med tech & Pharmaceutical, Precision Engineering, and Food Manufacturing & FMCG as key sectors.



On the international scene, AutomationSG leads members to success overseas, with programmes such as Singapore Pavilion.  We form strategic international partnerships, fostering connections that lead to members’ entries to market and product/solutions sales.



As part of our talent recruitment efforts, we offer exciting opportunities for professional growth, mentorship, and career development. We support these efforts through our Career Conversion Programme (CCP).