Automation In Focus: Partnership Between SIIX AGT Medtech and MMI Systems

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership that marks a new chapter in the automation industry's evolution. SIIX AGT Medtech and MMI Systems, two titans in their fields, are joining forces under the auspices of AutomationSG. This collaboration is not just a meeting of minds but a fusion of Japanese precision engineering, Singaporean ingenuity, and decades of manufacturing excellence. 

SIIX AGT Medtech emerges as a beacon of innovation, born from the collaboration between SIIX Corporation and AGT, embodying the fusion of Japanese precision and Singaporean creativity. Meanwhile, MMI Systems, a stalwart in Singapore's SME landscape, boasts a rich legacy of precision manufacturing. As a Robotic Solution provider and Capital Equipment Contract Manufacturer, MMI Systems excels in crafting intricate components and robust assemblies essential for seamless integration into robotic systems.


At AutomationSG, we take pride in being the catalyst for such transformative alliances. We serve to provide a platform that nurtures innovation by connecting forward-thinking companies like SIIX AGT Medtech and MMI Systems. Through our comprehensive support and dynamic community, we pave the way for these partnerships to flourish. AutomationSG-SIAA-SIIXAGT-MMI


This partnership between SIIX AGT Medtech and MMI Systems catalyze the transformation of Singapore's automation landscape by leverages the strengths of both organizations.

Supported by AutomationSG's dynamic platform and bolstered by national programs like the National Robotics Program and A*STAR's resources, we aim to drive forward not only the development and mass production of robotics but also ensure Singapore remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

This strategic alliance is designed to stimulate the entire value chain, from ideation and prototyping to full-scale manufacturing, establishing a comprehensive ecosystem for robotics innovation.

Together, SIIX AGT Medtech and MMI Systems form a formidable alliance, poised to revolutionize the automation industry. We invite you to witness this exciting journey as they pave the way for innovation and progress.